Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Saxon Fyrd: Complete...and waiting for Danes

Saxon shieldwall:  Axes, swords, and the saxe-knife.
I originally bought these Hammer of the Gods:  Wargames Factory models during a business trip to Hawaii, but never painted them.  I build them for a Saga game at Historicon, but never got around to playing them...oh well.  I suppose I'll have to give my Viking Huscarls to my son to paint an opposing army.

Based and ready for priming.

Spearmen on the painting table.

Archers among the paint pots.
Completed Command unit, armored, unlike their poorer comrades.
 My commands unit includes a noble, axeman, Saxon banner and musician.  The mail-shirted figures are actually from the Huscarl box, but I thought it would look good to have the command unit (nobles and retainers) armored, as they are the wealthier leaders of the fyrd warband.

Fyrd archers:  Basically farmers straight from the fields.

Some of the spearmen boast helms and leather armor, but most simply wore what
they had on to work the fields or fishing boats.

    The Wargames Factory models were very detailed and the sprues gave you many choices for poses, weapons, and heads.  I would come them to the quality of Perry Bros.  They went together easily, with some pinning required.  Now, I just need to make some dark ages houses and a knarr or two!

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