Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Historicon Day 1: Waiting for a game, Cog Wars

Our game for Day 1:  Cog Wars, Normans vs. Turks in the Med.

Mexican Fusileros assault a Texian blockhouse.

So, I haven't posted anything since before Historicon...guess I need to get back on the stick.  We went early Thursday morning to kill some time before our first game.  My eldest son painted while I played a Texas Revolution skirmish with my younger son. 

The Mexicans overrun the Texian skirmishers.  
 The game is a simple d6 game for the boys.  The playing cards are to determine damage after a roll to hit:  Red card=kill, black card=wound.

Light casualties are taken and the skirmishers are swept aside.

Mexicans breach the blockhouse door and fight their way to the second floor.

Last man standing.  The blockhouse is taken.

The best part of playing with your seven-year-old?  Hearing,  "Dad, can we play again?"  We did, and then headed over to Cog Wars.

The setup:  Fifteen cogs on a table, Normans vs. Turks.
The infidel approacheth.  (Both sides hurled insults against their respective faiths...
it was an ugly fight so typical of the medieval Med.)
My large Norman Cog and my son's smaller-but faster cog grapple and
board the infidel. 

Boarders Away!

The fight borke down into three separate engagements...and the Turks won.
Chance gave the Turks higher quality troops on their competency rolls...oh well.  We had a great time despite being sent to the salt mines of Tangiers.

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