Saturday, April 29, 2017

Foundry Wild West, Knuckduster, Conquest and Perry Bros-Finally Off the Painting Table

Foundry Buffalo Hunters for my Pulp Western game.

My best friend brought me fifteen Foundry Wild West figures from Cold Wars-a happy birthday! I'll be using these for Pulp Alley. I've also painted up some plot points (unhorsed cavalry sergeant, a priest, some whiskey barrels, a treasure box and some whiskey barrels). I was able to put together a squad of 7th Cav, a gang of outlaws and a gang of buffalo hunters. Next up were, the Earps. 

Foundry 7th Cav

Knuckle Duster Earps and Doc Holliday

Wounded Earps I'll use for plot points in Pulp Alley

Foundry Burro Train, I'll use as a plot point or in a "Grass Fight" Scenario in
a Black Power Texas Revolution game

I couldn't stop and finished up some Perry Bros Generals and Artillery for my Texas Revolution (Mexican Army) and some Conquest Shawnee for my Black Powder SYW game.

Shawnee Warband by Conquest Miniatures

French (cum Mexican) Brigade Commanders by Perry Bros

Perry Artillery for my Mexican Army

...and the last "Column" Commander

Friday, March 24, 2017

Hobkirk's Hill and Imperial Assault

My sons and I drove up to Vienna, Virginia for some Living History events (more on that over at Jack of All Trades) and spent the night at my best friend's house.  He has the man cave of all man caves for analog gaming, a little men paradise.

After our first event at Sully Plantation, we came back grilled burgers and played the battle of Hobkirk's Hill (last major battle in the south after Guilford Courthouse, during the American Revolution).  The battle was basically a general advance of British Forces, merely fatiguing themselves, until they charged against my right. 

I foolishly took the bait and repositioned two regiments to destroy them, at which time the British Legion Cavalry charged the flank of those regiments.  I forgot how far cavalry can charge in Carnage and Glory...and it hurt.  "Some soldier you are, bested by a bedtime story."

The next evening after a reenactment at Fort Ward, we came back and my son set up a scenario for Imperial Assault (think Star Wars meets Dungeons and Dragons). 

I was amazing at the narrative he wrote to accompany the action in the game.  If only he would spend that much effort on homework.  He did a great job setting up the game and GM'ing it.  I really need to get to painting the figures (28mm plastics).