Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Barca longas, windmills and capital buildings (and a global shortage in coffee stirrers).

Recently finished several projects for my 28mm games.  I try to make them as generic as possible to move between the various eras I play (Wars of the Roses, 17th c, 18th c, and Texian Revolution.

I've been playing Pulp Alley of, so some of these will feature in Western skirmishes as well.

The Barca Longa, or a pinnace, depending on how its rigged (Leg o' Mutton, Gaff, or Square). 

So this could be a medieval merchantman, or a flat boat bringing supplies to the beleaguered Texian Army.  I started with poplar for the shape and added mat board and birch coffee stirrers for the gunwales and decks.  I'll use scrap linen for the sail as I have on a caravel and cog I finished in the past.

The farm house and outbuildings will be used from the French and Indian War up through...maybe old west?  This is foam board and the coffee stirrers again.

The windmill (ubiquitous coffee stirrers) is one from a drawing of archers in the 14th c, but could be used in the Americas (there is a similar one at Colonial Williamsburg). 

The sails are just some linen scraps and its based on a steel disk t keep it from toppling over and to give it some weight.
The warehouse or barn is again coffee stirrers and match sticks for the docks.

Finally a signboard for a tavern, and...

the first government building of the Republic of Texas (Washington on the Brazos)...

again, birch coffee stirrers.


  1. Awesome work. I really appreciate that you posted photos and shared some of the fruits of your efforts.