Monday, September 18, 2017

Pulp Alley: Davy Crockett and the Matamoros Plot

My latest episode of a Pulp Alley serial in 28mm, The Matamoros Plot has Davy Crockett trying to prevent the dastardly Colonel Beauregard from wrecking General Sam Houston's plans to save the infant Republic of Texas.

The Plot
The Protagonists

The Antagonists

Turn 1

Turn 1 opened up with Crocket and his men at the blockhouse and Col Beauregard and Company skulking behind the barn.

It shortly devolved into a brawl as gunfire, with Thimblerig and Asa Walker crossing the street toward the barn and cornfield.  Uncle Jesse and Captain McKenzie broke off to return fire as Sergeant Ford and Jed Hawkins made for the docks.

Turn 2 

By turn 2, Busted Luck had made it to the State House and secured General Houston's plans for the campaign.

Busted Luck secures the plans for Houston's campaign.

Jed crossed the farmyard and had secured the barrels of supplies that would be repurposed for an army heading to Matamoros.

The shootout in the street had turned into a brawl and Uncle Jesse took a ball to the shoulder and then was gutted by Asa Walker.

Turn 3

Turn 3 opened with Sergeant Ford making a dash for the docks, where his attempts to secure the flatboard were beaten off by two Mississippi River boatmen.

Col Beauregard made his way to the dogtrot cabin, with Busted Luck and Davy right around the corner.

By this time, the knife fight in the street had started to move over to the cornfield.  Captain McKenzie was able to disengage and step back, firing as he went, but his aim wasn't true.

Turn 4

The hapless Sgt Ford was beaten off by the boatmen again, and Jed came to help, but skeered and ran off towards the Tavern.

Col Beauregard wounded Busted Luck and they began to grapple.

George finally made it to the wounded Ranger, who apparently was still under fire, as George took a wound himself and was never quite able to successfully complete the challenge.

Turn 5

As Davy made his way toward Busted Luck, Sgt. Ford ran across the dock and firing wildly.

Col Beauregard finally knocked out Busted Luck and Davy joined the fray.
The campaign plans were being trampled in the dust as Davy and Beauregard fought over them.

Jed had made it to the Tavern and got beaten down by drunken soldiers, losing the supplies plot point. 

At this time in the action, no one controlled any plot points at all.  George Russell gave up on the ranger and was running toward the tavern and the drunk soldiers.

Turn 6

By Turn 6, I had lost Uncle Jesse, Jed and my supplies.  The surly boatmen had beaten off Sgt. Ford and Davy had ripped the plans from Col Beauregard's clutches.  My son had won the plot.  We learned a few things from this game, set your brawlers and shooters to fighting as you fellows with finesse and cunning to stealing plot points.  That was my undoing.

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