Friday, April 15, 2016

X-Wing Tournament at Cape Fear Games, Wilmington, NC

My boys and I recently attended an X-Wing tournament with my best friend and his son in Wilmington, NC at Cape Fear Games. GREAT STORE.  They have a huge selection of games, cards, disc golf stuff and generally awesome analog entertainment.

A close shave, but my scum bested my eldest son's Rebel squadron (with K-Wing and YT-1300).
This is only the second time I've humbled the little beggar.  As you can see, he already splashed the Khiraxz.

I ran a Scum and Villainy squadron, one of two there.  Kath Scarlett in the Firespray, 2x Black Sun Z-95s, and a Khiraxz fighter.  The squad works well, allows me to get off early missile shots and then play hard to get with my firespray, while the Z-95's team up on the large ships.  I lost my first match, but won the last three and came in third place in the Swiss-style tournament, winning some cards, counters, and some sweet dice bags.

My youngest son went 2-2 on the day with a TIE swarm.  Not bad for 10 years old.
This was one of his losses since the shuttle had the Emperor on board.  Hard to counter that.

The Championship:  Zuckuss, Dengar, and a second Jumpstarmaster-5000
squared off against a Rebel squadron of A-Wings and B-Wings.

In the end it was 1st Place:  Scum, 2d Place: Rebels, 3d Place:  Scum.
Not bad for the seedy underbelly of the galaxy.

It was an afternoon well spent.  The folks at Cape Fear Games put on a heck of a great tournament and are all about children of all ages.  We'll be back again and again (I came back a week later and bought a bunch of Sails of Glory stuff...but that's another story.)