Tuesday, June 30, 2015

X-Wing: Rendili Stardrive "STARLIGHT"

My youngest son just got into X-Wing the other night and keeps begging to go back to the game store to buy more ships.  Problem is liquidity of accounts for an eight year old, so I figured I'd try to slap together a light freighter from modelling materials I had around the house.

Body was made from Fimo clay and baked in two pieces.  Stuck them together with
Milliput and used a part from a dishwasher for the rocket.  The cockpit is a plastic nut used to insulate the connection of two shunted electrical wires.

Painted the body with acrylics and made the card and base by taking a photo of the YT-1300 cards and manipulating the photo on Powerpoint.  Not perfect, but the second attempt at kitbashing will probably turn out better.  I think I'll mold the whole body in clay next time and then use a dremel tool or electric engraver to detail.

His special attribute is that once his shields are gone, the pilot jettisons his cargo and rolls two defense dice for the remainder of the game.  Were going to try out the ship today when his friends come over.