Thursday, August 22, 2013

Historicon Day 2, Mein Panzer Jr., Buccaneer Wars

Game board for Devil's Den Scenario at Gettysburg: 1863...amazing!

So, day two started off with a kid's version of Mein Panzer.  Well run and a good, simple WWII armor game for kids.  My 11-year-old was bored with it (he started off with watered down versions of Axis and Allies and Muskets and Tomahawks at age 5), even my seven year old was beyond the level of play.  The good thing:  kids are doing math without knowing it.  It's also good to get your kid hooked into analog wargaming, which is so much better for the mind that mere thumb exercise on the 3DS.

Shermans vs. Tigers...decidedly one-sided.

...burning Shermans and Tigers, oh my.
So my one son's platoon of Shermans was knocked out in the first half-hour of gameplay.  This caused me to go to the bargain basement to get him some 28mm ninjas.  That cheered him up.  They were actually free. Everyone was giving free minis to my kids.  I guess I'm not as cute as I used to be...on to Buccaneer Wars.

Everybody wants to be the pirates, so I was the greedy governor, recalled to London to answer for his mismanagement of the Crown colonies.  My four three ships of the line and one frigate had to escape the pirates (who have heard that the Governor is trying to absconde with the treasury).  We had the weather gauge ,which meant that most of the larger pirate ships would not be able to bring their guns to bear one they sailed past my bows.

Waist of the frigate DOLPHIN

The pirates fire broadsides into my bows, but their gunnery is poor.  My frigate will
grapple as the goveror's ship passed through the melee.

Will the Governor squeeze through without fouling his yards?

The answer was no.  I got fouled.  I was boarded on three sides and met a grisly demise, keelhauled along theribs of my own ship.  Great game and another great day at HISTORICON.

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