Thursday, May 2, 2013

Progress on the Centralista Army of Operations: Fusileros, Dragoons, Perry Carlists, Buildings and Conquest Sauk y Fox

Mexican Regular Dragoons (Regimental Honours)

      Finally making some progress on the Centralista Army of Operations...and some other distractions.  The Cavalry (Batalion Tampico) is done, except for flocking and a squadron base.  I had to repaint the shabraques to the correct green bound in white (that I found to be appropriate after further research-which as it turns out these dragoons should be in French-made Dragoon helmets, probably not bear-crested Tarletons...oh well)

Jimenez, Matamoros, Toluca, and Tres Villas Bns (Converted Austrians)

      These soldados still require flocking, but are the Fusileros of what will be the Jimenez, Matamoros, Toluca, and Tres Villas Battalions.   I converted some for the command (the Color Sergeant and Drummer)...but need more, so I have been waiting on an order from The War Store...which arrived last week.

Perry Bros Carlist Wars Royalist Command and British Riflemen...excellente!
      What I ordered were Perry Bros Carlist Wars Loyalist Command and British Riflemen, which you may wonder what these have to do with the Army of Operations.  Well, the Perry figures are amazingly detailed and well cast-little cleanup required.  With the exception of two figures, the poses are very dynamic and will fit well with the Fusileros advancing.  The Royalists, with a little blade and putty work, look very similar to the Mexican Permanente and Activo uniforms of 1835-36. The same goes for the Riflemen, who with additional work are very close to their Baker wielding counterparts, the Mexican Cazadores (Flank Companies).  So all I really need to purchase to complete the Army is Artillery and a Command/Staff unit.

Adobe building, primed and ready for painting
      This building I started to add to the current adobes I've built either for the battle of Bexar or another unnamed action south of the Colorado River. The walls are foam board covered with sand and the columns, stairs and balcony are blue styrofoam insulation.  Floors are flagstone (mat board) It still needs paint and interior accents (I've made shutters, paintings, etc.)

What have the Sauk to do with Santa Anna...absolutely nothing. 
Mission Creep!
      While waiting for the sand and priming to dry on the Royalists-Come-Centralistas, I started working on some Sauk by Conquest.  Why?  A.  They're incredible.  Highly recommend their figures, which makes me want to build up a warband now.  Mission creep!  B.  My six-year-old is painting a section of Roger's Rangers.  So much for staying in the 1830's...

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