Sunday, November 13, 2016

Battlefield Debris for Fantasy Flight X-Wing: Interdictor Class Star Destroyer and X-Wing

My latest creations for upcoming X-Wing surface scenarios.  Again using old Star Wars models from my youth.  The MPC star destroyer (of course too large scale for X-Wing).

I took off some of the parts that would ID as a capital class ship and added the "Sonar Bubbles" on the belly that distinguish the Interdictor Class as a space lane piquet ship. 

The hulk is based on foam board, with foam insulation rocks and then the bases sanded.  Acrylic paint finishes it off.   A bit large for an obstacle for X-Wing, but I couldn't resist and my wife is making me pare-down the unfinished projects in the better to finish them.

The X-Wing is another ship from the old Micromachines line.  Both will grace the board for "Escape from Jakku", where Rae, Finn, and BB-8 make off with the Falcon, while being tailed by First Order TIEs. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Battlefield Debris for Fantasy Flight X-Wing: Two downed TIE Fighters

A completed TIE that has careened into the snow and ice of Hoth.

An inspiration came to me a few months ago to start trying out some in-atmosphere X-Wing scenarios after my parents dropped off boxes of old Star Wars toys during their move into retirement.  In there I found old Star Destroyer models and several Micro machines (Sand Crawler, AT-STs, TIEs, and X-Wings).  Micro machines is at it again, and I since went out and purchased some AT-PTs, Imperial Armored transports, and Rebel Snow Speeders as well.

I thought, wouldn't it be cool build some X-Wing scenarios that take place on a planet's surface?  So I started brainstorming about the battle for Hoth, the Millenium Falcon's escape from Jakku and Bespin, or even a scenario where an Imperial landing party is in a race with Jabba's henchmen to capture some droids from a Jawa sand crawler on Tatooine.

Starting small I took two Micro Machines TIEs, cut them up and primed them for painting.  For the bases, I used foam board, and added some foam insulation for rock (Jakku) and ice (Hoth).

Like flour for snow:  What a pain in the neck that was.

I thought sand would be too coarse, so I used wheat flour on PVA glue for the Hoth base, stuck to sand for the Jakku base.

Painted them up with acrylic and there you go:  two downed TIEs as obstacles (akin to asteroids) for my upcoming Jakku and Hoth scenarios.

Standby for the Tatooine scenario this weekend.  I still have to finish a wrecked Star Destroyer for Jakku and Rebel gund emplacements and an ION cannon for Hoth.

Happy painting and happy gaming.