Saturday, October 8, 2016

Guns of August: Williamsburg, Virginia

Boys, are we going to take this or beat these guys?
Here it is October and I am posting about Guns of August.  That should tell you what my September was like.  At least the convention was good!

Royal Navy frigates in line of battle:  Buccaneer Wars!

Met up one of my best friends, Greg Starace up in Williamsburg for this one.  Grandpa and the boys tagged along and played some games as well.  While we only came for Saturday, we were able to get in three games:  Buccaneer Wars, Rusty Old Bayonets and (my favorite...more later...a Western Genre Pulp Alley game).

Closing to pistol shot with the pirates.

Our first game of the day was Buccaneer Wars, a kid-friendly game we've played before at Historicon.  My crew was all Royal Navy and we cleared the main of pirates within four turns.  Sad to say my yards became tangled with a pirate ship and it was all I could do to sweep their decks with musket and pistol shot before they disengaged.

You roll the dice, Dad's got no luck today!

 Thankfully my son's 36 gun frigate sunk two of the pirate vessels and the Royal Navy emerged victorious.

Only half the guns are brought to bear.
Thank goodness for Marine Marksmen.

We then moved right next door for a non-historically based Texian Revolution game in which just about every Texian unit faced off in a set piece battle against a Centralist Army (Alamo Order of Battle) under Gen Santa Anna.

Mexican Infantry is raked by the Two Sisters.  My Tennesseans giving way.

My US volunteers acquitted themselves well on the right, but my middle (Tennessee Volunteers and Texas 1st Regiment) was broken under successive Mexican heavy infantry charges. 

With my guns spiked, my right and center are engaged in close combat.
My artillery waited too long to spike the guns and were slaughters, but not before destroying two cavalry squadrons with grape.

My Red Rovers stood the first charge, but Mexican reserves pressed home the second charge.

The left (New Orleans Greys and Red Rovers) held for a time, destroying two cavalry charges, but were ultimately turned by Mexican heavy infantry.

Spiking the guns.

We broke for lunch and then returned for a Western-themed Pulp Alley game, which I'll cover in the next installment...


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    1. I suppose so! Just haven't had the spare time of late.

  2. Glad to see Jim Birdseye still kicking around

    1. Yes indeed. It's good to see acquaintances from all over the country at these Cons. It such a great environment where 10 year olds, 40 year olds and 70 year olds go head to head at the same table!