Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hordes Trollbloods: Hunters Grim Resculpt Job

Alan Breck Stuart and his Hunters Grim, version 2.0.

In a continuation of working on Trollbloods (my son's lastest interest) I bought the Hunter's Grim pack from Privateer Press.  Set it aside for a while and lost the head and a coat-tail from the main figure, Grim Angus.  What to do...

Hunters Grim from Privateer Press, for comparison.

Started with a ball of putty for a noggin.

I haven't sculpted since my high school studio classes and this was a lot small than those statues.  I was worried it would turn out too chunky looking, but am ok with how it turned out for a first attempt.

Added on rough facial features.

Facial details and great kilt.

Adding on the brim of the cocked hat.

Sculpting the crow of the hat.
The tools are a sculpting kit I picked up at Harbor Freight a few months ago.

The clay pipe stem (upper left) is a piece of styrene and the bowl was sculpted
from milliput.

I decided, since Grim Angus lost his head somewhere along the way, to make him one of my favorite characters from Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped:  Alan Breck Stuart.  Alan Breck was a Jacobite officer in Louis' Army if you recall from the novel.   His minions are in a mixture of highland garb (my poor imitation of the Royal Stuart tartan and a well-worn bonnet [vice bowler on the out-of-the-blister]) and the uniform of The Royal Ecossais Regiment.

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