Friday, January 10, 2014

Working: Texas Rangers, Tennessee Volunteers, and a Colonial Frame House

     Currently on the table are my mounted rangers, some additional Texian Infantry and a frame house I knocked together.  The mounted rangers, at least, have been on the table for a while.  Part of my problem was I didn't have enough horses in full gallop.  Finally found a few more and added the fur saddle blanket, portmanteaus and bedrolls with putty.  Also, in keeping with the 1830's theme, I wanted to mix it up with the head gear, cutting off coon skin caps and round hats.  I replaced those with the wheel caps below.  I will paint these in civilian drab colors, however, it is hypothesized that some may have been surplus blue U.S. Army M28 caps on deserters. 

The frame house is made of birch coffee stirrers glued to foam board.  The stone foundation is foam insulation board.  Still needs further painting and the mat board shingle roof.  This will be the main house for a farm that also includes a barn and smokehouse (already complete).


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