Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Completed: War of 1812 Ship's Company, frontier tavern

Boarding party

     My 1812/Napoleonic ships company is finally complete. These were great figures, but they've been sitting on the bench for so long that I can't remember the manufacturer.  I did get most of them from Brigade Games and a few at Historicon last summer.

        The bases are wood disks covered with yellow and blue sculpting putty, then scored to give the appearance of a ship's deck.  

Lieutenant and Midshipmen

            I do need to find a captain figure and another lieutenant to round out the wardroom.

Gun crews
          A few more gun crews would be nice as well, unless I'm only manning a two-gun sloop.

          All in all, these were fun to paint, although I don't know what I will do with them yet.  Perhaps an Aubrey-Maturin game?

         The tavern took me forever to complete, mostly because its a pain to chink in between the logs with wood putty.  I used Elmer's, which contains wood pulp.  Once its dry and set (1-2 days), it gets a coat of primer and is painted.  The building made its debut as part of a town, defended by Texian rebels against a Mexican force, more on that later.

The chinking completed, awaiting primer.
         The "stone" foundation and chimney are just blue 1 in. foam insulation sheeting, scored, and melted to give the impression of rough hewn stone blocks.

The competed tavern...minus a signboard.

            The roof is just mat board cut and glued.  Perhaps a bit out of scale, but it gives the impression of wood or slate depending on the paint.  At least its less expensive than an embossed styrene sheet.