Sunday, January 6, 2013

What I'm working on...

Batallion Matamoros and Light Cavalry charge the 1st Battalion,
Republic of Texas Regulars and a Six Pounder.

    Unfortunately, not much painting over the holidays.  In-laws in town for two weeks.  I did manage to complete my Texian artillery battery...well they still need flocking too.

The Two Sisters

    The figures are 28mm (hence the blog title) Old Glory and the cannon I picked up loose at the 2012 Historicon.  I've been focusing on modeling and playing the Texas Revolution (1835-6).  It fits my likes for small tactical gaming.

     I've completed the skirmish and battalion rules for the game my sons and I play (Savage Frontier: 1835), but still need to complete the scenario diagrams and photographs.
     My projects in varying states of completion are:

                  1) Parker's Fort:  Gate house (Dogtrot Cabin-See photos above), Cabin, Blockhouse, Palisades, Blacksmith shop (incomplete).
                  2) Presidio La Bahia:  East gate house is the only thing complete.  Still need to complete barracks, chapel, officer's quarters, walls and two bastions.
                  3) Tres Villas Battalion:  Mexican Reserve Unit-Needs command.  Foot soldiers are a mixture of Old Glory and converted Regimental Honours Austrians (a little putty, knife work and filing).
                  4) Mexican Light Cavalry:  Need to complete officer, standard bearer and bugler. (Old Glory)
                  5) War of 1812 Sailors (New Line Napoleonics)
                  6) Texas Rangers Mounted (Converted from some Ohio Mounted Rifles from the flea market at Historicon.
                  7) Sauk y Fox Indians (I put some Conquest minis in my stocking)
                  8) 2x Boxes of Saxon Warbands: Perry Plastic.  Bought these while on a business trip to Honolulu last year...still not painted.  This is dangerous because this is a different time period...This is one of the symptoms of "Lead Poisoning".

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